We are Incredibly and fully committed.
Hachiko Financial is a financial services company with international presence and almost 20 years of experience in the market. We strive to understand in depth the interests of our clients in order to provide them with sustainable solutions.

We Offset Great Service For Our Customers.

Client relationships are the foundation of this firm and as such, we are committed to being always accessible to our clientele, earning their trust and delivering outstanding service.
Depending on each client’s needs, we set up proper structures
Asset Management
Consolidation of assets, allocation, performance, VAR. All tailored to client’s needs and visions
Organize, open and follow up of bank accounts for you
Fixing Financial Issues
We provide a wide range of solutions for each individual (from PEPs to retirees)
Citizenship Programs
Our concierge subsidiary in Antigua will assist you in obtaining citizenship in those jurisdictions that offer such possibility through their governmental programs
Rare Art Collections
Our concierge subsidiary in Antigua have access to private art collections, if you are a buyer or a seller, we can address you in the right direction and assist you during the process.


Note: All activities of wealth management and advisory are carried out by the shareholder company Hachiko Cayman.